Access: Tokyu Toyoko Line [Motosumiyoshi] 5-minute walk from the east exit

Welcome to LAZIO

  • Our shop LAZIO will celebrate the 22nd anniversary of opening.

    Roppongi, Italian chef who repeatedly practiced in Setagaya

    Please enjoy casually with former Sumiyoshi.

    The inside of the store imagines Italy which spreads the Mediterranean, with warmth experienced by the chef.

    Please spend a pleasant time with an important person, delicious Italian with delightful colleagues.

LAZIO ☆ Limited time only ♪ enjoy casually wine ♪

  • Left: Grillo di Cicilia (white) Right: Neodavora di Sicilian (red)

    There is fruity and drinking,

    Grillo di Scillia (white)

    Neodavola di Sicilia (red)

    These two Sicilian wines are usually served only for bottles,

    This time for a limited time at the glass · decanter

    Feel free to enjoy!